Mario Salvucci

The incredible creatures by Mario Salvucci ask us to look around and observe what is happening to nature. They delve down into the deepest and most disturbing layers of the human soul, touching on its relationship with itself and its surroundings

Mario Salvucci has been creating jewels since he was sixteen. After training in Italy, he moved to New York where he designed jewels for major fashion brands. In 1985, during the New Talent Show by Artwear Gallery, he launched his first collection under the brand “Mario Salvucci Jewelry”. His work has been presented for fifteen years at the Fragments Showroom in New York and has been published in the main fashion magazines, including Elle and Vogue.

Always seeking for new materials and new forms of expression, Salvucci has extended the fields in which he expresses his creativeness to include fabrics and interior design, areas in which he has won international awards. He also started collaborating with Philippine and Indian fabric manufacturers. In 1999 he launched the Lanterne Project in New York and in 2003 he moved back to Italy. Having experimented different materials, Salvucci goes back to working with metal, especially the laser-cut aluminium that he uses to create his “Fiori Elettrici”, a limited edition series of lamps that provide stunning light and shadow effects.

In 2011 he went back to jewellery and created the collection called “Incredible Creatures”. Each jewel is hand made by the designer who uses different types of natural stone and recycled silver. The metal is oxidised in a process using sulphur that purifies the material and adds mysterious and warm reflexes to it. The incredible creatures by Mario Salvucci are scorpions, spiders, mantises and extraordinary insects, whose beauty and dreamlike elegance are absolutely enchanting.

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