Davide Penso

In Davide Penso’s jewels, technical mastery is associated to an essential, modern and researched design, renewing the tradition of glass pearls from Murano.

Born in Venice in 1965 and living in Murano, Davide Penso specialised in the lume technique to create artistic glass pearls, working both alone and together with Kristina Logan.

He is proud of his decade-long experience as a teacher at the Abate Zanetti school and of the numerous demonstrations performed abroad in Japan and the USA. He can also boast a number of personal and collective exhibitions, collaborations in the design/creation of jewels and fashion jewellery for major brands, both from the world of artistic glass (Venini, Giorgio Vigna, Nason & Moretti) and clothing.

The jewellery designed by Davide Penso is characterised by a contemporary design that is achieved through his outstanding passion. For more than fifteen years he has been transmitting his enthusiasm for the potential expressive power of glass to thousands of students from all over the world.

Davide Penso

Distinguishing features

He started his career as a photographer.

Since 2009 he has worked as professor for the Boston University School of Visual Art

He has held the position of lecturer at Corning Museum of Glass