Maria Diana

Maria Diana’s jewels are small planets made of porcelain: sometimes they look smooth, whereas other times they appear to be furrowed by craters, mountains and valleys that are petrified in a sea of golden lava. Asperity and candour live together in harmony, penetrating one into the other.

Maria Diana learned her early ceramic processing techniques and design, and her sense of balance amongst the different shapes from the contemporary artist Maria Lai. Having obtained a degree in architecture from the Turin Polytechnic University, in 2000 she started her research on contemporary jewels and attended specialisation courses on how to work gres stoneware, porcelain and metal.

The jewels by Maria Diana aim to innovate without neglecting style. Wishing to explore new frontiers in expression, Maria Diana provides a modern interpretation, using non conventional material, for classical and exclusively feminine jewels, such as pearl necklaces. Her bracelets and necklaces are made of ceramic beads with inserts in gold and platinum.

Each piece in her collection is unique and brings together style, research, tradition and innovation. Her jewels have been exhibited in museums and international stores, including the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), La Pedrera (Barcelona) and Mitsukoshi (Tokyo).