Paola Mirai

Crystallised between past and future. Evocative, light and refined: Paola Mirai’s jewels embody a primordial ideal of beauty and the fascination of technology.

A designer who worked as an art director, Paola Mirai dedicated many years to researching materials, symbols, archetypes and the concept of the contemporary, leading her to distil a resin that she has called Orotrasparente. This material is as light as air and as clear as water: it carries the heritage of the past directly into a science fiction future.

Her unique and personal technique requires the performance of very different but complementary steps, where technological waste or gold blend into the resin which is then cleaned, polished and varnished. She is as fascinated by technology as she is by mythology and the strong communicative power of archaic symbols: this leads her to put together past and future, in a clear present where a tribute is paid to electric circuits, precious stones and suspended shapes. It took her more than five years of research and tests with nine different resins to achieve the final formula of Orotrasparente and assure a very high level of lightness and transparency.

Her jewels suspended between matter and soul enable Paola to explore an ideal of beauty and femininity founded on pure synthesis, on cutting things down to the essential and interior research.

Paola Mirai



AGC exhibit at JOYA
Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery Week, Spain

European Week for Waste Reduction
A collaboration with Evvivanoè association, Rome

Re(f)use di Carmina Campus
Design and fashion boutique, Rome

T Bookstore, Triennale di Milano

Din, design in @ Lambrate, Milano

Stardust. Cose preziose al femminile
Galleria Espositiva d’Arte Contemporanea, Monfalcone, Italy



AGC exhibit at JOYA
Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery Week

FANTASTICI ! Contemporary Italian Jewellery
a collaboration with AGC
Bini Gallery Contemporary Jewellery, Melbourne, Australia


“Creatures” and “Ensembles and orchestras”
Vessel Gallery, Oakland, CA

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia, MUST shop, Milano


Fondazione Querini Stampalia bookshop, Venezia

Fondazione FORMA per la Fotografia

Triennale bookstore, Milano

Distinguishing features

Paola worked for twenty years as an art director.

She organised a series of didactic workshops for adults and children which were held in important museums, including the Milan Triennale.

The idea for Orotrasparente arose as she admired the holy mountain of Ayers Rock, in Australia.