First Drops: Over the years, a lot of people have written about you in association to exhibitions or in interviews and reviews…. Which of them, do you think, has most effectively described your work?

Anna Paola Cibin: Pierre Rosenberg once said that a lot of the contemporary art that is to be found nowadays is made of a little art and ‘a lot of contemporary’; he then added: “Nevertheless, what you do is art and you make it with your hands, do continue”.

PE: What encouraged you to dedicate your time to textiles art and what does it mean to you?

APC: It was never a choice for me. The passion I have for anything to do with textiles is innate, it has been with me since I can remember. For me, this kind of art is a poetic and gentle means of expression.

PE: Which aspects of your work do you love most?

APC: What I most love about my work is that I have the chance to develop and transform fabric, whether it is a white velvet that comes to life through dyeing, painting and glass and that feeds and becomes complete thanks to light, or whether it is a finished fabric that is transformed, takes shape and lives in space.

PE: Which difficulties have you encountered?

APC: To make people understand that textile art is not a lesser art.

PE: Can you explain the technical specificities of your work, as if you were talking to someone who doesn’t have a clue of the practical side of art?

APC: What is so different about my work is what I most like about it. I mean using fabric and then, by dying, painting, applying glass and creating three-dimensional shapes, transforming textiles into a canvas or a sculpture, using a technique that is as creative as it is practical, as if I were a “seamstress” of art.

PE: Which past exhibitions or projects are you most proud of?

APC: I am very proud of the site-specific installation “VelvetLagoonVelvet”, which  was created at the time of the 2011 Biennial on the Island of San Servolo in Venice, and even more so of the Installation “Nuoto D’Aria”, another site-specific installation for the Marco Polo airport in Venice.

PE: Which foreign collaborations have you found most stimulating?

APC: Italian Art Celebration in Singapore and the workshops held at the Art Academy, again in Singapore.

PE: Do you like working on demand or do prefer to work based on a set project?

APC: I like to develop my work in either of the two ways: they are two very different ways of working and both are very demanding. Working on demand implies that your artistic feelings have to coincide with your client’s tastes and expectations. Working on a set project, as far as I am concerned, means that your artistic feelings also coincide with your own expectations and dreams.

PE: How do you relate with your clients?

APC: I always treat them with the greatest respect. However, a lot depends on the client’s style; the aim is to establish that bond that allows each of us to express our feelings freely, each in our own particular way.

PE: What is your dream for the future?

APC: An exhibition in a museum, a permanent public installation… and then there are many other dreams …

In the images artworks details by Anna Paola Cibin