Food after Childbirth

the tradition of the impagliata, between health and creativity

In partnership with Studio Dimore Collection, First Drops presents to the public visiting Expo Milano 2015 In Ars Veritas – Esperienze sull’arte del gusto, a cycle of events that will be held once a week in the month of May and focusing on the creative relationship between food, art and design.

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We hope to see you on Thursday 7 May for our first date entitled Il pasto della puerpera (Food after Childbirth) – the tradition of the impagliata, between health and creativity that compares the ancient universe of nutrition and more contemporary trends.

Featuring a raw food tasting by Mantra Raw Vegan and an plunge into the aesthetics of the elegant environment of Studio Dimore Collection.

Be sure to attend!

The impagliata, or childbirth dinner set, was created to celebrate the important event which is the birth of a woman’s first child. It was offered to new mothers for their first meal after childbirth, and there are numerous stories and traditions around it in Italy. First Drops has chosen to present the contemporary Impagliate by Lidia Carlini, as a symbol that will kindle discussion on the full meal: its characteristics, rituals, rhythms compared to contemporary lifestyles.

Dettaglio Impagliata di Lidia Carlini

The impagliata by Lidia Carlini goes well beyond the setting of childbirth and invades other social and convivial environments: it becomes a set for an extended dinner, for a single person, for a romantic dinner… or it shows itself simply as a sculptural presence and a magnificent object of contemporary design.
Lidia Carlini integrates the elements of the impagliata with modern antiques and contemporary design objects, a constant cross-reference between past and future that makes each single piece unique and unrepeatable.


A plunge into the antique ceramic traditions, reviewed with originality, grace and irony.


The Mantra Raw Vegan restaurant, the first raw vegan restaurant in Italy, will accompany the presentation of the Impagliate with a healthy, unique and curious tasting experience of fine and tempting raw food and vegan cuisine.

An unusual restaurant, projected towards the future and where nothing is cooked: the food on the menu is not contaminated by manipulation and has a wholesome power to nourish. Cold pressed food, the use of organic products, an invitation and a guide to a detox diet: these are but some of the founding principles of Mantra, that will undoubtedly provide a unique food experience.

Mantra Raw Vegan is not just a restaurant but also a Market, where it distributes its own-made lines of snacks, seeds & superfoods, tea & herbal tea, cold pressed juices, sweets and much more, for a tasting experience where the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of food are kept intact.

Two world and universes compared: the ancient associated to the tradition of the full meal and the customs arising from the more sophisticated contemporary lifestyles.


Media Partner: It’s Liquid

Thursday May 7th
From 18.00 To 21.00

c/o Studio Dimore Collection
Corso Italia 1
20122 Milan