Bonsai by Simone Crestani

Bonsai by Simone Crestani are handmade sculptures in borosilicate glass that mirror all the gracefulness, delicateness and perfection of these small trees that have been cultivated for centuries in eastern countries. They represent different types of trees, underlining the specific features of each through shape and colour.

For the conifers, Simone Crestani highlights the sinuous trunk and the movement of the branches where the balance amongst the different parts are brought to the limit; in fruit trees, the beauty of the flowers is exalted by the use of delicate and complementary colours.

Hours of long and patient work are needed to create each detail with the skilfulness and mastery that characterise this artist’s research.

Each piece is unique and independent, each standing tall in a silent, mystical and crystalline transcendence.

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