Teabowl by Antonella Cimatti

Antonella Cimatti’s Teabowls aren’t just any tea cups:
they are a reviewed version of the large crespine,
a cult object in the ceramic tradition of Faenza that
in the 16th Century adorned the tables of the finest tables in Europe.
Just like the ancient crespine,
the Teabowls have undulated and pierced borders
that recall sophisticated lace decorations.

Made in paperclay, a mix of porcelain and paper,
Antonella Cimatti’s creations are as thin as eggshells and as transparent as alabaster. Suitably illuminated, they create spectacular effects of light and shadow,
fullness and emptiness, playing with the contrast between light and opacity.

Antonella Cimatti renews the tradition and upturns the traditional composition processes thanks to her
undisputed technical skills.
Antonella’s ceramic cutwork is made by adding thin strips of paperclay on a base
to create intricate and sinuous patterns
that are the result of adding, rather than removing material.

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