Voyages by Martha Pachon


Voyages by Martha Pachon are childhood memories,
the mysterious gifts that her grandmother’s husband brought to his wife
after his long and adventurous journeys.
The gifts were wrapped in caskets
that the artist as a child thought looked like sea urchins,
and that were equally hermetic, impenetrable and fascinating.

Voyages are objects of desire and of seduction:
their bright colours attract, as does the mystery in their hollow.
At the same time they repel because of their spines and the sense of obscure threat generated by the darkness of their vacuum.
They are conceived as small grouped sculptures to be hung to the wall or placed on a top.

Internationally acknowledged for her technical skills and her ability to innovate,
Martha creates her pieces in white porcelain
and then decorates them using the slipware technique, neriage and nerikomi.


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