Impagliata in ceramic with purple and gold enamel, made of two bowls, two plates, one small cup, a tea pot and a goblet.

The Impagliata series by Lidia Carlini is the main subject of her artistic and aesthetic research. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, characterised by different matches and solutions, that are both ironic and fun, of plates, glasses, containers and many other tableware pieces. This piece, with its bold and lively colours, is classy, creative and fun. It is characterised by flexibility and versatility, and is suited to many different contexts and uses.

The ironic, sexually allusive and naughty side of this stackable design is recalled in the title of her pieces: Jo-Va hints to the names given by the Italian comedienne Luciana Littizzetto to the male and female privates, namely Jolanda and Valter.

Ideal for a traditional dinner, an aperitivo or an afternoon tea, to be presented alone or with other Impagliate, for a table where fantasy and design come first.

JO-VA purple and gold
Lidia Carlini


Entirely handmade in Italy

Purple and gold

Diameter: 26 cm
Height: 55 cm

Ready to ship


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