Large salad bowl in Murano glass, manufactured by Vetrofuso, founded and managed by Daniela Poletti. It is made by manufacturing semi-refractory casting moulds where the glass is molten to take the shape of the mould

In this piece, Daniela Poletti overlaps a layer of beige transparent glass and a layer of opaque white glass, achieving soft light effects and hints of colour nuances. The welcoming shape and the soft and sinuous curves of this piece are inspired by the world of plants.

This salad bowl, Insalatiera champagne, can be used to serve dishes or simply as an ornament, in which case it is particularly enhanced when presented alongside other pieces of different shapes and colours.

Champagne Salad Bowl
Daniela Poletti

Murano Glass

Entirely handmade in Italy

Beige, white

Height: 3 cm
Diameter: 36 cm

Ready to ship


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