The decanters, carafes and jugs by Simone Crestani are functional object that enchant, amaze and have the power to stylishly furnish an environment and a set table.

The decanter, a special container similar to an ampoule in borosilicate glass, can be employed to decant wine or other alcoholic beverages. The main body is accompanied by an element of nature, in this piece the octopus features on the cap, arising in an acrobatic and dynamic movement. The octopus is a recurring theme in the imaginary of this artist from Vicenza, it is his signature style and very personal and unique.

The sculptural pose astonishes as does the customary simple and natural irony of Simone Crestani’s design.

Decanter with octopus cap
Simone Crestani

Borosilicate glass

Entirely handmade in Italy


Diameter: 19 cm
Height: 43 cm

Ready to ship


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