Silvia Beccaria’s gorgets are emblematic of the link between art, fashion, innovation and tradition.

The source of inspiration for these original creations comes from a portrait of the Genovese noblewoman Brigida Spinola Doria, painted by Rubens in 1606, in which a voluminous pleated collar, typical of XVI and XVII century aristocratic clothing, stands out around her neck.

The artist from Turin gives a contemporaneous portrayal of this historical accessory, and the special way it brings out beauty and expressiveness in the female visage. Gorgets are woven in looms from industrial materials that are unremarkable, insignificant, ones which rarely get any aesthetic values conferred upon them.

Silvia Beccaria’s red Mora d’Inverno highlights the elasticity, flexibility and color qualities of these materials, capturing them in a web of fabric while jointly allowing freedom of movement that brings out three-dimensionality and volume.

Red Mora d’Inverno
Silvia Beccaria

Rubber, cotton, pvc

Entirely handmade in Italy


Red, black

Length: adjustable

Ready to ship


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