Sculpture in white porcelain created by Martha Pachon. This piece is part of the “The Fabric Route” collection, which includes sculptures inspired by the topics of travel and femininity.

The shape of the pieces is inspired by the shape of the boat and hints to the female sex. Each sculpture in this collection has engraved, on the upper part, the shape of a fabric from different parts of the world; in this piece, the flowery pattern and the thin strings that link the decorations recall a lace or frill decoration.

Shown together with other sculptures of the same series, “The White Fabric Route” represent migration, different cultures that meet and the exchange of ideas through the universe of the women, that is welcoming, delicate and at the same time mysterious and seductive.

The White Fabric Route
Martha Pachon Rodriguez


Entirely handmade in Italy


Length: 45 cm
Height: 10 cm
Width: 12 cm

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